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Brand Video Production Packages

At Now Motion we believe in telling real, raw and authentic stories that create positive change – It just so happens that cinematic brand videos are the most powerful format to reach and inspire your audience.

Read about our brand video formats & what differentiates our video production offering – Many thanks, Joel Egan Owner, DP & your point of contact.

Our Cinematic Brand Video Packages, Passion & Value

We are nimble storytellers and often travel nation wide to go above and beyond in order to develop the best story. The reason we own our own 4k cinema camera, sound and lighting gear is to guarantee reliability of the highest quality image, at a seconds notice, and with no extra gear costs. Our fixed rates and passion means we can focus on what we do best – telling your story & the craft.

VIDEO OPTION 01 – Cinematic Brand Video Teaser 15-30 seconds

Teaser 15-30 second brand videos are a proven video format for social channels & online advertising that creates brand awareness and direct response.

  • Video Treatment, storyboarding & scripting
  • 1 x day video shoot & 2 x day edit
  • 2 x video revisions and color grade
  • 1 x final 15-30 second HD video
  • Total cost $2,400 – $5,800 ex GST

VIDEO OPTION 02 – Cinematic Brand Video 30-60 seconds

The cinematic 30-60 second brand video provides your audience with a snapshot of your brand and keeps them wanting more. This video package includes 1 x 30-60 hero brand video and  1 x 15-30 second teaser video perfect for website, social channels & online advertising.

  • Video Treatment, storyboarding & scripting
  • 1 x day video shoot & 3 x day edit
  • 2 x video revisions and color grade
  • 1 x 30-60 second HD video, 1 x 15-30 second teaser
  • Total cost $4,800 – $9,800 ex GST

VIDEO OPTION 03 – Brand Video 1-3 minutes

The cinematic 1-3 minute brand videos covers off your 3-4 brand pillars or messages in more detail giving your audience a story with real substance. This package includes 1 x 1-3 minute hero brand video and 3 x 15-30 second teaser videos – Excellent as a full video campaign!

  • Video Treatment, Including storyboards & scripting
  • 2 x day video shoot & 5 x day edit
  • 2 x video revisions and color grade
  • 1 x 1-3 minute HD video, 3 x 15-30 second teaser
  • Total cost $5,800 – $9,800 ex GST

What Differentiates Us & Contact Form

Check out our three big differentiators below.

Do you have a potential video idea or potential project coming up with a ballpark budget? We can work to a budget and do so with our clients who are charities, start ups, SME and ad agencies.

Alternatively, based on our brand video production packages, please let us know which option you are interested in exploring via filling out the contact form.

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Contact Form – Enquire Now

Tell us about your project or call Joel Egan on 0439113537 to schedule a catch up.

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FAQ’s Why Work With Now Motion & Testimonials

Video make’s people feel, think and do things differently. As ex Ad Agency creatives, we take both a brand communications and direct response approach to our video campaigns and concept development. If we can’t give your audience a reason to do business with you, than video is not the right fit.
We’ve put it all on the line and own our cinema 4k cameras and lighting gear. We only shoot with the highest quality and know our gear inside out. This means we can be fast moving, guarantee the highest quality end product and ensure you don’t have to pay exuberant gear rental costs – it’s all included!
We believe in fixed costs and only having to pay for the work of creatives on projects. This means no extra’s or 20%-30% margins on our rates and no unnecessary project management or account director fees. This keeps us all happy by ensuring competitive and realistic rates, and at the highest production value.
“We Love Joel’s video style and he was a pleasure to work with” – Matt Banks, Head of Communications Mission Australia

“Joel’s video’s and ability to deliver the end results transformed our business” – Esme Beamount, Director of Ecoliv

“Thank you for last week, I love the video, you are so talented” – Rebecca Share, Milliner & Melbourne Cup Ambassador

We have partnered with Joel & are really happy with our first video. We couldn’t be happier” – Mark Schiffer, CEO/Director Blick Creative

“People like Joel are hard to find. He’s approachable, goes the extra mile & stays cool in stressful situations I hope he never changes” – Martine Sifer, Executive Producer, The Story Lab