Revitive – 3 Part Commercial Series

Revitive Bob & Nancye - Airing in UK & US Markets 2018 Revitive Wendy - Airing in UK & US Markets 2018 Revitive Stacey - Airing in UK & US Markets 2018

Mission Australia Early Learning – Development Video

Mission Australia Early Learning - Brand Video Mission Australia Early Learning - Socialising and Educators 30 Second Mission Australia Early Learning - Seeing the Difference as a Mother 30 second

Brazen Adventurer Brand Film

Brazen Adventurer  - Adventure & Lifestyle Brand Film Video Notes Brazen Adventurer is a Sydney based lifestyle brand with a strong focus on sustainability and adventurous living. This shoot was filmed in Marley Beach, an hour south of Sydney, and captures the perspectives of three different audiences. The montage edit focuses strongly on the [...]

Becks Bedding – Makers Video

Becks Bedding - 60 Second Makers Video Video Notes Becks Bedding is one of Melbourne's most well known and respected family businesses. As a true artisans and makers, all materials are locally sourced and all beds are made in house by father and son in Preston, Melbourne. As a third generation family business with [...]

House Of Adorn Milliner Rebecca Share Design Profile

Milliner Rebecca Share Design Profile - 30-60 second social cut down video Milliner Rebecca Share Design Profile - 15-30 second social cut down video Video Notes House of Adorn is Australia's leading supplier of millinery and hat making products. Rebecca Share is one of Melbourne's most respected and innovative milliners. This video is [...]

Spectrum Aged Care – Mother & Daughter

Spectrum Aged Care Video 01 Video Notes Spectrum is one of Australia's leaders in providing aged care support services to the elderly at home. As part of Spectrums Re-Brand, this is the first of two videos aimed at engaging the carers of the elderly. DP & Editor: Joel Egan Camera Package: Sony Fs7, [...]

Aaron Chan Kings Domain

Kings Domain - 1-3 minute video Focused on Aaron from Kings Domain, this project explores authentic storytelling conventions, the old vs new lost art and skills of the barber shop and salon. A big thanks goes out to all the team at Kings Domain and Aaron for making this happen! Get on down there for a [...]

Greg Hatton

Greg Hatton 15-30 Second Video Greg Hatton 1-3 Minute Video Video Notes

Greg Hatton Teaser

Greg Hatton Teaser brand video

Red Beard Bakery Brand Video

Red Beard Bakery - 15 Second Social Cut Down Video Notes Story: The lost art of traditional bread making was lost for over 30 years between 1950 - 1980. Red Beard Bakery are true pioneers, authentic and a true collective. Creative: Cinematic film making. Location: Red Beard Bakery. Shot: Canon C100 and Canon CNE 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses. Location: Red [...]

Cordwainer Jess Wootten

The Wootten video project is in post production, full edit and video coming soon.

Lazy Sunday’s

Behind the Scenes Video in Armadale. Coming, soon the full edit.

Ecoliv Modular Homes

Ecoliv modular homes master brand video.

Kelsey Martinovich

Kelsey Martinovich shoot

The Sandy Bay Project

Each modular home at ecoliv has a distinct story. The Sandy Bay 2 part series explores the build, deliver and final reveal. Watch part 2 of 3 series.

The Trentham Project

Going off the grid takes great vision and investment. This story is narrated by the owner and building designer at ecoliv whilst we watch this modular home be delivered.

Mission Australia Early Learning 5 Part Video Series

Mission Australia 5 x Part 15-30 social media video series Mission Australia's Early Learning Centres are pivotal to speeding up and aiding the growth of the next generation of little ones. Watch how they achieve this. Video 01 - Play Video 02 - The Environment Video 03 - Nutrition Video 04 - [...]